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Feb 13, 2013 8:00pm EST
effect next month lemine reduce spending by households in the government. we protect inflation-adjusted gdp will increase by about 1.5% in 2013 but it would increase roughly 1.5 percentage points faster were it not for the fiscal tightening. under current law then, we expect the unemployment rate will stay above 7.5% through next year. that would make 2014 the sixth consecutive year with unemployment so high, the longest such period since the 1930s. we expect the growth of the gdp will pick up after this year to about 3.5% per year in and 2014 in the following few years. the gap between the nations gdp and what it is capable of producing on a sustained basis that economist referred to as potential gdp will still not close quickly. undercurrent while we expect output to remain below its potential level until 2017, nearly a decade after the recession started in december december 2007. the nation has paid and will continue to pay a big price for the recession. we estimate the total loss in output relative to the economy's potential between 2007 and 2017 will be nearly equivalent t
Feb 12, 2013 8:00pm EST
from what people paid regardless of what the government is taken out, or what they have paid in counts. it is count in the deficit numbers picture trying to do something about? who wants to go first? congressman price. >> yeah, the debt ceiling affairs. nobody is talking about paying the data. nobody is talking about not paying the public debt. what were talking about is making sure we get are spending under control so we can create an economy that's vibrant and be able to cover the debt of this great country without the austerity measures we've seen in other countries. so there's two things you got to think about. the debt that's been incurred. yes, the nation is good for that type. and the path forward. are we going to ban that down so they can actually have an economy that is vibrant and create jobs, or are we going to go as far as the eye can see? you could do some point we physically cannot create the wealth in the country to cover the data. so is it appropriate role? i'm a physician. i'm not a constitutional lawyer. my reading of it says all spending starts with the house of repr
Feb 15, 2013 8:00pm EST
and special investty -- investigative to study all laws and government activities are involving nonmilitary research and development remaining the same. i'd like to extend a warm welcome to the witnesses today, really appreciate you guys being here. also, i want to welcome our returning members and our new members including the subcommittees' ranking member and distinguished gentleman from new york new york. i look forward to working with you all and the ranking member on this committee. today's hearing focusing on intergrating unmanned aircraft systems or uas, into the national air space. as a pilot, i'm extremely interested in this issue. specifically, we hope to gain a better understanding of the risk, the technology obstacles, and key research and development efforts being undertaken to overcome the obstacles. uas has garnered a great deal of attention lately. in fact, if you watched the news this morning, there's a lot of -- lot of news about this issue. in january, pbs's "nov a" had a documentary called "rise of the drones," and last week's "time" magazine cover carried the same title
Feb 11, 2013 8:30pm EST
library and roberta -- james hudson, library officials, government officials, colleagues, new friends, old friends, i am simply thrilled and honored to see each of the year tonight. thank you for coming to this library from across the street and from all over the country. it is a joy that to think because of your connection to tom into each other that you are here. finding many of you and your addresses it became a heartwarming experience to learn just how connected you are to each other. and indeed how connected we all are through family, the white house, astra, george mason, the prudential mutual fund board, the hudson institute, the fight for internet freedom and tom's favorite great american pastimes dr. billington thank you for leaving the library with all -- what we we all recognize as the distinction and tear the 21st century and to your great judgment in bringing roberta i shaffer here. during the months of her chairman she has been a wise and important support. i have learned that she is the library and and the executive charge by dr. billington and in fact congressional and natio
Feb 14, 2013 8:00pm EST
things but in part on negotiations with the government of afghanistan over legal protections for our troops. the president has made clear that then missions of residual u.s. presence in afghanistan after 2014 will be limited to current terrorism operations and training and advising afghan forces. general austin would bring exceptional experience in overseeing this transition, having commanded u.s. forces in iraq during the reduction of u.s. forces and equipment from iraq. just this past weekend our forces in afghanistan have had a change of command, with general joseph duckworth replacing general john allen as commander of the international securities systems forces and commander of u.s. forces afghanistan. i want to take this opportunity to thank general allen for his thoughtful and devoted leadership in afghanistan, for his forthrightness and his interactions with me and the rest of the members of this committee. when senator reid and i visited afghanistan in january, we saw a real signs of progress, including the afghan security forces increasingly taking the lead responsibility f
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5